Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reasons to Install James Hardie Siding

  • No building material can guarantee a fireproof home, but there are some preventative measures that a homeowner can take to better prepare for fires- like installing a non-combustible home exterior.

  • James Hardie manufactures durable, low-maintenance, non-combustible fiber-cement siding, introduced to the United States by James Hardie in the early '90s. Its proprietary formulation consists of sand, Portland cement and wood fiber.

  • James Hardie siding resists flame spread and is recognized for installation where non-combustible construction is required.

  • While brick is a non-combustible home exterior, brick can be very expensive to install and has limited design flexibility. Consumers and government officials should be made aware of other options for non-combustible exteriors, like James Hardie® siding.

  • Building codes written with the intention of protecting homeowners from fire-prone materials like wood and vinyl often exclude the use of "siding" in their codes. These were often written before the introduction of James Hardie siding in the early 90's.

  • James Hardie siding enables wider design styles — enabling the charm and character of wood with the added assurance of a flame-resistance not available in wood or vinyl.

  • James Hardie products offer the opportunity to protect the entire exterior of the home with non-combustible siding products. This includes soffit panels for eaves and trim boards for corners, around windows and doors. These can be used in conjunction with stucco and brick exteriors as an alternative to wood trim and soffit panels.

  • James Hardie is a believer in the development of four-sided, well-designed homes that help prepare a home against fire and weather damage.

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  1. My sister wants to have the roofing and siding on her house replaced. I'm helping her do some research on different materials to see what would be the best choice. This post was very helpful. I'll be sure to share it with her the next time we see each other.

    Susan Hirst | http://www.eburgexteriors.com